Welcome to CLOTHs district marketing campaign, “DID YOU KNOW IT’S ALL IN THE HEIGHTS.” CLOTH understands that family owned, small businesses are the backbone of our community, and its CLOTHs mission to help build capacity by providing merchants with the marketing support that drives residents to shop locally. “Did You Know” that some Washington Heights merchants have been here for more than 30 years? Please take a moment to meet our local merchants and experience the unique businesses on our corridors.

La Blanda Meat Market

3824 Broadway

Ask anyone in Washington Heights who their butcher is... and everyone will tell you La Blanda! Specializing in Latin American food products, owner Jose (Pepe) Barreiro and brother / manager Angel Barreiro has served this community for decades.

La Blanda Angel Barreiro.JPG

Angel Barreiro
Manager, La Blanda


4015 Broadway

Meet Peter Walsh. Always singing and writing, he owns Coogan’s Restaurant in Washington Heights with “the greatest partners in the world” David Hunt and Tess McDade.  For more than 30 years, Coogan’s has been a Washington Heights staple.  Step inside and you will see why it’s a neighborhood favorite!  

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Yvonne Stennett, Executive Director / Community League of the Heights
Peter Walsh, Co-owner / Coogan’s


4141 Broadway

Co-owner Jose Gomez was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and raised in the rural countryside. In 1988, at the age of 11, he moved to the United States and joined other family members in Washington Heights, NYC, where he grew up in the building that now houses Malecon.

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Co-owner of Malecon, Jose Gomez

Sweet Life Pastry

3887 Broadway

Want a phenomenal custom made cake! How about some chocolate flan or Mexican conchas! With a warm smile, owner Ignacia Hernandez greets her customers as she has been doing for the last 5 years. Her cake designs are a MUST SEE!

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Ignacia USE Sweet Life Pastry.jpg

Ignacia Hernandez, Owner, Sweet Life Pastry

Elsa La Reina Del Chicharrone

St. Nicholas

Elsa La Reina del Chicharron began spontaneously at a bodega in Washington Heights where Victor Rodriguez and his family made chicharron for their community. They now have 3 restaurants! Owner and manager Victor and Albania Rodriguez invite you to try the best chicharrones in the world!

Victor and Albania Rodriguez  Elsa La Reina del Chicharrone.JPG

Victor & Albania Rodriguez
Owner, Manager / Elsa La Reina del Chicharron

5 Estrella Bakery

3861 Broadway

5 Estrella Bakery owner Felix Herrera brought his Dominican sensibility and love of pastries to his community in Washington Heights almost 15 years ago. Now, everyone comes for the tres leches and cubanitos!  And please do not forget the oatmeal!

Instagram: @5_estrella_bakery 


felix herrera.jpg

Felix Herrera, Owner
5 Estrella Bakery

Rincon Mexicano

4160 Broadway

One of the newcomers to Washington Heights, but old to the community! Owner Sonia Enriquez opened Rincon Mexicano to compliment the Latin cuisine found on Broadway. Located just steps away from her other restaurant Floridita, step inside and experience the flavors and colors of Mexico. And please order a margarita!

Instagram: @rinconmexicanony

Sonia Enriquez  Rincon Mexicano.JPG

Sonia Enriquez, Owner, Rincon Mexicano

Zon Bakery

St. Nicholas

The customer always come first with owners Bradley and Brenny! Zon Bakery not only serves quality coffee; they specialize in Dominican food & pastries including sugarless corn cakes! So for all of the health conscious clients out there… come and try them! They are fabulous!

Instagram: @zonbakery

Bradley Zon bakery.JPG

Bradley, Owner Zon Bakery


Student Videos

Over the summer, Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) students at Community Health Academy of the Heights (CHAH) visited parks in Washington Heights, created videos for small businesses and opened Instagram accounts for those businesses. Here is some of their work.


A & H Photo Studio

3933 Broadway & 1280 St. Nicholas
A photography studio that does it the old fashioned way! Come in for a family portrait or a simple framing.

Instagram:  @studioahphoto

Claudia’s Fashion Bizarre

3852 Broadway
Claudia's Fashion Bizarre is a favorite among the youth in Washington Heights. And Claudia will be happy to help you choose an outfit!



Victor’s Bicycle’s

4125 Broadway
Fixing a bicycle is a dying art! But Victor knows it well. And he has the coolest storefront sign in all of Washington Heights! Not to mention all of that park space to ride...

Dog Parks in Washington Heights

Bet you didn't know how many dog parks are in Washington Heights? A lot! Come on a guided tour for you and your BFF!


Sports Courts in Washington Heights

Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis... they are all at Washington Heights parks. Take a peek and find out where