CLOTH is dedicated to helping people of all ages improve job skills, increasing confidence, and enhance their economic stability. Since the technology center opened in 2012, CLOTH has assisted over 400 people get their GED or learn english.

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High School Equivalency

We have several classes, including bilingual assistance that can help in prepare you. Our instructors will not go through test preperations, they will guide you through all of the steps to aquiring a degree.

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English as a Second Language

Our community has greatly benefited from our ESL classes. Families are better intergrated and able to find jobs thanks to the support from our incredible instructors at the Community League Technology Center.

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Basic Computer Skills

Join the team and learn everything Microsoft Office to internet usage. Basic computer skills are a must in today's digital world. These classes fill up quick.

For all adult education class inquiries, please call the CLOTH office at 212-795-4779. We speak English and Spanish – Se habla Español.