Supportive Housing

Housing Development Mission

CLOTH’S Housing Development Department is dedicated to preserving and developing the housing stock of the Washington Heights neighborhood for low-income families.

It is the goal of CLOTH’s Housing Development Department to improve the quality of life for all residents of Washington Heights by leveraging the unique culture of the neighborhood. CLOTH’s housing and support programs aims to remove barriers between residents and the social services needed for low-income families.

Without CLOTH’s development and preservation projects, many tenants would face overcrowded living, which is customary with many Washington Heights low-income families. To create safe and affordable living spaces, tenants live in completely rehabilitated units, stocked with new appliances, floors, doors, and windows, and new major building systems.

Recent Projects

In 2013, CLOTH developed the Lucille Bulger Center for Community Life to further access to social services. It is the home to Community Health Academy of the Heights, a Healthcare Network Clinic, and CLOTH educational offices.

In 2015, CLOTH rehabilitated the abandoned 552 Academy Street building and created a safe place to live for 72 families. Development projects, including the Dorothy McGowan Apartments and 2142 Amsterdam, fill a critical community need to provide safe and decent housing for all residents who may need intensive on-site social services.


CLOTH's portfolio:

• 36
• 557 Units
• Over 2000 Renovations
• 66 Renovations in progress
• 102 under development

All properties serve families and vulnerable populations earning at or below 60% Area Median Income.

Green Housing Projects


● Started in the 1950s by completing weatherization projects on housing in Washington Heights/Inwood community.

● Constructed 2 supportive housing developments serving: persons who may have serious mental illness, substance abusers, young adults aging out of foster care, and/or homeless or persons at risk of becoming homeless.

● Proud recipient of 2015 Nonprofit of the Year by the New York Housing Conference.