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Team Meeting
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A comprehensive plan to upgrade our internal systems and grow our programs to help the community we serve rebound from COVID and on a course for success.

CLOTH 2.0 was born out of an extensive review of our internal systems, programs, and external environment.

CLOTH has spent the last 70 years providing affordable housing and social services to the Washington Heights Community. While our work and the needs of the community have changed over the years, our mission is the same. We are dedicated to breaking down the barriers that prevent individuals and families from pursuing the life they envision for themselves. CLOTH 2.0 is our vision for the organizational structure and systems we need now to grow and take on the next generation of challenges our community will face. It will also allow us to expand and sharpen our existing programs to address the setbacks caused COVID. To accomplish our vision, we will need to double the size of our annual budget to $8Million. Help us achieve our 2.0 goals by DONATING now.


Our goal is to more than double our current budget to $8 million by raising $4 million

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